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About Me

Virginia Born; New England Raised

Artist; Advocator; Truth Seeker, Treasure Explorer

Philip graduated with an Art Degree from UMA in Augusta in December of 2009.  As an artist he enjoys exploring the beauty as well as the ugliness found within the world.  

With a history of seasonal depression and anxiety, Philip has used photography as a means to work through and improve his mental health.  This process is mostly seen within his Toy Photography, using toy figures as a means to express himself through projected emotions and story within the art.  His toy photography is also where he does most of his advocating, as seen with his use of figures to build awareness to climate change or animal poaching in Africa.

Landscapes and Portraits are equally important to him as an art-form because of the way they express and show the diversity found within the world.  While a landscape captures the world around us, a portrait's focus is the beauty of the individual.  Our bodies are complex and as diverse as the environments we see day after day.

When all is said and done, he hopes his art has an impact within each individual that sees it.

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